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This is a website for 2CV admirers, owners, enthusiasts, specialists, racers, buyers and sellers, and people interested in knowing what's going on in the 2CV world. The site has news, cars for sale, links to help for your 2VC and quite a bit more. It is mainly for United Kingdom 2CVers but there is plenty of information for any 2CV lover.


2CVShop.org.uk is an exciting portal and resource dedicated to owners and lovers of the iconic Citroen 2CV.
The site includes a number of video, slideshow and text articles - humour to maintenance. Feel free to contribute!
Find 2CV specialists, buy and sell and share your stories.

This site is free to join and has a different flavour to any of the existing and valuable 2CV and A series resources already on the web.

If you have any ideas or material you would like to contribute, please contact us at submit@2cvtv.com